11/1 - FLATLAND performed by œnm österreichisches ensemble für neue musik at Wien Modern Festival, Casino Baumgarten, Vienna
10/14 - Premiere of "Commercial Vignette" by Dave Broome at Qubit's Noise_Organ Concert at Saint Peter’s Church, NY
9/7 - SERIES IMPOSTURE (2013) Performed by TAK at Q2 Music's The Brothers Balliett's monthly series @ Spectrum Gallery NY, NY
7/5 - Premiere of pluck.divide.cut performed by Ensemble intercontemporain at the CENTQUATRE, salle 400, Paris
6/20 - BEZIER at Talea/next performed by ANDplay at the Stone, NY
5/23 - FLATLAND performed by TAK at the Dimenna Center, NY
5/9 - Fields at 2014 SPOR festival in Aarhus, Denmark
5/2 - Premiere of EIGHTOH8 (2012) by Christian Smith and Chris Goddard
McGill's University's Pollack Hall, Montreal, Quebec
4/21 - Fields by Mantra Percussion, The High Line, NY
3/14 - SERIES IMPOSTURE (2013) Performed by TAK
at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, OH
3/12 - SERIES IMPOSTURE (2013) Performed by TAK
at New Amsterdam HQ in Brooklyn
2/23 - Premiere of Forgery #24, performed by Marina Kifferstein at the Manhattan School of Music
2/13 - Premiere of Saloon Wars for Four Disklaviers
Qubit's Machine Music, Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural Center, NY
2/10 - Premiere of FLATLAND by Talea Ensemble
at the Italian Academy at Columbia University


1/28 - IP(STORM by Nouveau Classical Project at Shapeshifter
1/23 - Those Who Do Not Move the Bodø Sinfonietta, Bodø Norway
12/14 - US Premiere of IP(STORM by Dead Language
at the Church of the Ascension, Brooklyn, NY
10/25 - Premiere of BEZIER by ANDplay at the Church of the Ascension
10/19 - SERIES IMPOSTURE (2013) and veil//akousmatikoi
performed by TAK at: Uptown Underground's Harlem Permutations Festival
10/3 - Premiere of IP(STORM by Dead Language
at The Box Art Space in Brisbane, Australia
8/8, 8/7, 8/4 - SERIES IMPOSTURE (2013) and veil//akousmatikoi
performed by Ensemble F0 at:
space4art in San Diego, CA
Encinitas Public Library, Encinitas, CA
and Temecula Old Town Theater, Temecula, CA
5/13 - Artist Residency, Atlantic Center for the Arts, Florida
5/4 - Premiere of SERIES IMPOSTURE (2013) Performed by TAK at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension, Brooklyn, NY
4/3 - Screening of Fields (2010) 2013 New Music Miami ISCM Festival
3/29 - Performance of veil//akousmatikoi
at Qubit Noisefrence, Dixon Place, New York, NY
3/23 - Performance of squeem by Ghost Ensemble
@ Willow Place Auditorium Brooklyn, NY
3/26 - Those Who Do Not Move @ ROULETTE, Brooklyn, NY

- Selected to participate in the SPOR Festival 2014. "SPOR is an annual festival in Aarhus, Denmark, for contemporary music and sound art that has existed since 2005. SPOR festival works ambitiously to promote and communicate music and sound art at the highest artistic level, nationally and internationally. SPOR creates a platform for stronger connections to the international sound art and music scenes and wants to challenge and meet the audience, to beautify, modify, or demonstrate new ways."

- Selected to participate in the 2014 MATA Festival. MATA’s 16th annual presentation of new music by young composers, will be hosted at The Kitchen, the venerable and iconic Chelsea-based arts center in April of 2014. Selections were made by MATA’s artistic director Yotam Haber from the recommendations of a jury consisting of Chaya Czernowin, Lukas Ligeti, Carol McGonnell, and Tristan Perich.

- "IN ELECTRIC RESIST" featured on I CARE IF YOU LISTEN's Winter 2012 Mixtape

"If you’re looking to uncover new pioneers then producers like Bird aren’t just evolving music they’re pursuing an entirely new frontier." Read more

"I’m interested in the treatment of sampled material that goes beyond the already familiar modernist techniques of surrealism and montage, and treats ‘genre’ as material for manipulation and development. The following tracks, “Reverie” and “Flesh Rails,” address this to some degree. Both tracks are imbued with some feverish desperation. I don’t consider the ‘sampled material’ in either song as carrying any significant depth in their referential weight; rather, I see the potential for conflating different recording aesthetics and further merging the creative arenas of production and songwriting." read more